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I ordered a payg phone from cpw but a few days later the price went down - can I claim against their ulitmate price promise guarantee?
Has anyone done this before?…ROM


No harm in doing so.

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I was unsure of the [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=2][COLOR=#333333]"our following month’s Buyers’ Guide" bit on the webpage. Hopefully they dont try to wriggle out of it when I call the 2moro.

Worth a try either way. The buyer's guide is the magazine so hopefully the price drops in there too... let us know how you get on!!

You should be fine Twice when we have upgraded there they have contacted us when the price went down and sent us gift vouchers with the offer of a refund on the larger amount if we went back into the store

You should be able to, im sure ive read that if the phone you buy is cheaper in the next edition of the magazine you get the difference back.

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Thanks for the replies guys. I rang them up and the guy said they would send a cheque :thumbsup:
He seemed to flip through something, I could hear pages turning over the phone but am not sure if he was checking the buyers guide or not, as he didnt say anything about it.

Ah well... as long as you get some money back!! Nice little bonus really.

Could one get CarphoneWarehouse to price match any of the online deals?
Specifically the one posted here:


What about cashback deals?

Thanks in advance.
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