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Found 16th Nov 2014
I bought a htc mobile as a birthday present, however the phone had a problem with speaker, couldn't hear the other person on phone. while taking it to the shop the phone got a slight little chip on edge of the screen by getting hit on the gate. now Carphone warehouse are saying they can't exchange the phone cos of the damage and advised to get audio/speaker repaired from htc warranty. it's been less than 2 weeks. are they write in this? or should I follow they advice and send it back to htc

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Carphone Warehouse 12 Months Warranty As On Website
Warranty is with the retailer not the manufacturer.
Love the 'while taking it to the shop the phone got slight little chip on the screen' bit ...rofl
I had a similar experience with carphone and my HTC which just died completely after 4 months . when I took it in they sent it for repair but then refused to repair it as there was a small scratch on the outer casing suggesting it had been dropped. It had been, but I doubt this was the cause of the failure as looking through forums this seemed a common fault.
I rang HTC directly and they were fantastic . They sent a courier to collect the phone and it was back within a week ( think it was a new phone ) All free of charge .
carphone had my phone two weeks and didn't tell me it hadn't been repaired until I went to collect it .
my advice is to ring HTC and don't waste your time with carphone .

Try HTC directly, Worth a try.

Warranty is with the retailer not the manufacturer.

The manufacturer offers a warranty, however it is the responsibility of the retailer to act upon this, before any sale of goods jargon comes into play.

Unfortunately OP you are pretty much stuck, because you have accepted the device having used it, it is up to them to see if the product is at fault, and if it was anything to do with the chip on the screen which is obviously unlikely, but they won't be able to do anything with a damaged handset will they? So it is unfair to expect them to give you a refund or a brand new phone, even though a fault is present.

For the record, Carphone have always been shocking when it comes to warranty issues, you are better off going to store and making sure they send it away for you, don't let them fob you off, I haven't dealt with them since Dixons got involved as well, can't imagine they would be any better.

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