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Found 31st Oct 2016
Hi All,

Would love to know your thoughts on the following upgrade deal I went for from CPW.

Current EE contract I have / had is £38.99 with unlimited texts, calls and 2gb data.

EE offered me an S7 Edge for the following:
24 month contract @ £35.99 with unlimited calls, texts and 2gb data
S7 Edge for an upfront cost of £49.99 plus £6.98 p&p

I then called CPW and they offered me the following:
24 month contract @ £35.99 with unlimited calls, txt and 5gb data
S7 Edge in silver for an upfront cost of £29.99 including p&p

I have gone for the CPW deal as this has more data and less upfront cost for the handset, you also happen to get the Logitech ZeroTouch hands free car mount (RRP £49.99).

Look forward to seeing your helpful thoughts and feedback soonish :0)

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Which network is the cpw deal on?

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good old expensive EE

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stayed with them

Should've tried to get the upfront cost knocked off but a decent deal nonetheless

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Cheers Jim. ...just needed some comforting after paying 30 quid on the device....Never had to pay for a phone in the past when upgrading, but it appears that the s7 edge is extra special, as I tried to get the upfront cost waived...The £3 saving a month is a welcome bonus and means the phone pays for itself in 10 months . Thanks for the input as well.

Decent deal pal. I'd have hangmen for free handset but it's only a small cost. Cpw handsets are sim free unlike if ordering from EE direct.
A while ago you may have got a few more gb for roughly same but since the note has been a cock up prices have tightened on the s7 edge.
Think Vodafone were offering 10-12gb at one point for £37.
Think you got a half decent deal as EE are minty as I've been thinking of jumping from iPhone to s7 edge

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thanks for the feedback one and all. I can confirm the s7 edge is a stunning beast of a phone!!!....had to get the s view case too, which offers much more protection then the note 4 version I have as well.

I now have a problem :0(....the free Logitech car kit is utter pants!!!!! I'm on my second unit which also does note work with the note 4, s7 edge and cubot h1!!! :0(. I wish I'd read the Google Play reviews on the device.

I know it's free but I'm left with a a second duff freebie. I exchanged the first one today.

I did want swap it for the vr headset and was willing to pay the difference, but the cpw manager in the store said that they couldn't!?!?!I would have to first cancel the current upgrade deal and order a new deal???!!!!. I am quite taken aback by their inflexibility.....

I know it's a freebie, but should I except one that doesn't work?

All your thoughts on this matter would be a great help....I'm in a mind the cancel off and reorder with cpw's vr headset deal on the s7 edge, so will call them tomorrow too as I only got the phone last Wednesday.

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P.S. Thank god I haven't sold my note 4 and gear watch yet!!!!.....

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My incessant moaning and the fact that CPW had supplied me TWO duff Logicrap Zerotouch dongles has worked. I didn't want to cancel my new upgrade deal as it was very good in my mind, I had already loaded up the S7 Edge with all my shizzle and if I cancelled and reordered they couldn't give me the same contract!?!?!?

So, I sent an email got a call, negotiated buying the Samsung VR (2016) at half price (£50) while keeping my contract. Notes were put on my account to this extent.

So off I went to my local CPW to return the dongle and get the headset. Lets just say after lots of incompetance on the part of CPW during this exchange, I walked away a happy person. I should say that I had to take control of the conversation that the shop rep was having with his own cust serv team!?!?!.....They wouldn't do anything for him but did for me.....The force is strong in me ;O)

P.S. Keith Lemon IS A LIAR!!!!!! ;O)

As for the VR headset, it is brill in my limited opinion...I mean truly brill....8)
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