CarphoneWarehouse buys AOL UK

    Carphone Warehouse has won the auction to buy the UK's third-largest internet provider, AOL UK.

    It will be keeping the AOL name and the US firm's policy of charging customers. Carphone Warehouse is funding the acquisition through an extension of its existing debt facilities, and will keep AOL UK's management and infrastructure.……stm


    looks like CPWS is buying everything... small online mobile phone shops etc....

    Yes i've heard edi...guess that is why, in the last month, AOL were readily handing out reduced monthly contracts (I had mine reduced from £19.99 to £9.99) with free wireless routers.

    currychops I imagine they needed to keep the customer numbers looking good until the sale went through.


    I wonder will they now give away free broadband (talk talk deal) - as carphone warehouse are talk talk?
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