Carphonewarehouse Freebies on Broadband - Any feedback?

    Hi, I don't know if this is the best place to post this but I couldn't find the original link.
    Basically about 6 months ago carphonewarehouse started giving away laptops when you signed up to AOL Broadband for 18 months. Now they are giving you the option of a laptop or PS3. I just wondered if anyone has taken up this deal and if there were any catches.

    At the time I tryed to sign up but you need a BT line and I have cable so Bt wanted to charge a fortune to reconnect me, but I am moving next week and am thinking about it again.

    Questions I have:

    Is the broadband any good?

    How much is the laptop worth when sold by dell?

    Is there any catches to it other than signing up to it for 18 months?

    Can anyone who knows how to use this site find the original link and discussion?

    Thanks in advance.


    Moved to misc forum, feedback forum is for HUKD issues

    Looks like a rip off to me.

    You have to sign up for 24 months for a 'free' PS3. Starts at £19.99 per month. £14.99 delivery charge for the PS3. So £495 for 2 years.

    You can get a PS3 for about £280, and broadband free if you've got an Orange mobile, or cheap if you have Sky.

    signed up, told it had gone through. 2 weeks later, nothing, told i had to cancel and sign up from scratch because of a problem. signed up again, guaranteed it had gone through this time. AOL requested a MAC code even though i had cancelled my old broadband but carphone put me on a transfer not a new account. yet another cancellation and told i had to wait 10 days for my line to clear. Signed up again and waited another week with no luck and told by carphone wearhouse i couldnt take the deal out and they said aol refused me!!! i was confused so i called them and AOL said no such thing, done a credit check and said it was fine, my line was fine nd they would never turn down customers. Went down to carphone wearhouse as by this time 3 months had passed. i had paid 14.95 EVERYTIME and still hadn't had a refund. Signed up a 4th time, yes i paid 15 evey time i signed up and was told i would get cheques back. 2 weeks passed again, no laptop, they said something about aol some excuse about their system was old and because i sigmed up 4 times it cancelle my order.

    COULDN'T BELIEVE IT. Wasted over 2 months, 60 quid which i finally got 3 cheques back and they say thats all, even though my bank was charged 4 times. better yet AOL set up 4 direct debits and was taking money for 4 accounts!!! had to cancel them and apply for a refund so all in all a JOKE!!!!

    Just signed up with tiscali, bough a brand new vostro from dell with same specs for 230 + quidco (listed here!) and saved myself the hassle and the extortionate monthly payments. The laptop wasn't free as you pay them over £10 extra a month for broadband with limitations for 2 years (£240 or more over the term)

    Get unlimited downloads with tiscali too. Very good service. hope that helps but i had a horrible experience with thhis deal and was told i wasn't the only one when i repeatedly phoned up

    I was an existing AOL customer & after a minor upgrade they sent me the laptop & router within 14 days. None of the limitations (40 gig per month download) are problem. Very happy.
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