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Found 25th May 2008
My contract with e2save recently completed 12 months.

When I called to cancel via CPW who administer the account, I was offered a 12 month contract with 400 minutes and 1000 texts at the same price(£35 a month). This is nearly twice as much as O2 Simplicity as I am not upgrading the phone.

However, I was offered all my money back in instalments by Cashback. Several weeks after the switch and no cashback form and all I have is the word of a salesman.

Has anyone else upgraded with the offer of cashback. I am still waiting for the cashback on month 12 and its been 45 days now.

Reading some comments, I am fearing that they are getting unreliable. I am tempted just to cancel with immediate effect for breach of contract. Be grateful for any advice, as CPW appear to be stonewalling me. Thanks
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CPW is completely unreliable with those cashback promises over the phone. They really lie, you get nothing whatsoever and then you have to chase for recordings of the phone conversation etc to prove anything.

You must demand written proof from the salesman, they'll usually say they can't send any or whatever, but some people have gotten them (by email) so I'm sure it is possible.
I took out the same deal mate.
Claim 3 installments back,4 months apart.I received nothing through the post indicating this so just called them up.I was given the information address etc there and then.Do that or register on the CPW site and send them an email asking them to confirm the cashback contract.The always have emailed me back within a day.
Make sure you send your bills Recorded though as proof,and check to see that they had been received.That way they cannot wriggle out of paying you.
do not let them take your money. phone them agian and agian or email them

if all fails go to trading standards
After a few emails to CPW, got my cashback cheque from e2save having given them the proof from royal mail, and got it written down my new deal and cashback for free 400m and 1000 txt. Great
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