Carphonewarehouse - why isn't the airtime on the sim when you get the phone.

    I have now ordered two phones (PAYG) that included £10 of airtime. On both occasions the airtime was not on the phone and nor did it appear the 8 days after the purchase as suggested. Why does the customer have to start a wild goose chase on the telephone looking for a product that they have paid for.

    In my opinion this is verging on theft.


    Bought 3 and havent had a problem, took approx 8 days from first use for the credit to appear

    They say on their website its to stop the courier using it or something???


    well it certainly wont go on till you have passed your return date, other than that it should go on when stated, i suppose they cover there backs until pushed - lol

    Have u registered the sim on the virgin mobile website? £10 + £2 bonus registration credit appeared next day.
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