Carrera Subway 1 or Claud Butler Urban 200?

    Made a thread on bikes yesterday(?) and I'm thinking about one of these two, like the looks a lot. Which is better value?
    I went Halfords today but the guy would not give me any discount or throw anything in to the deal with the carrera which was rather unexpected lol so I decided not to rush it and to leave and have a rethink. I very much like it and am leaning towards it, but I had a look at this:…471
    Which I like the looks of, and it's a bit cheaper.

    I know the Carrera has rave reviews, but just seeing if anyone reckons the Claud is worthy.

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    Personally I would like the Claud Butler to be the better bet, but I am a road bike rider.

    maybe you should have a look on this site, for bike advice…php
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