Cars with good ground clearance - buying advice sought

Posted 23rd Sep 2015
Hi, a friend of mine is looking to buy a car, new or around a year old, up to £14000 with reasonable fuel economy.

Needs to have decent ground clearance as she has a horse that lives up a bumpy farm track and her 3 door Golf is a bit low. Other than that it would be good to have height adjustable passenger seat for her ultra tall Dad to sit in and 5 doors so her Mum doesn't have to contort herself getting in the back seats. To make it her dream car it would also have a DAB radio and rear electric windows plus a decent boot size for the dog and be in a low emission category. Probably diesel as she does at least 40 miles a day on motorway plus the farm track.

We've been looking at the Dacia Sandero Stepway which she would buy on the Laureate trim level to get seat adjustment and at the Dacia Duster which she would be likely to get pre-registered - both of which would give her some change from her budget. Also going to look at Suzuki Vitara this weekend.

Thought I would ask in here since you guys know EVERYTHING! Many thanks in advance for suggestions.

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