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Posted 28th Apr 2017
Yes I drink instant coffee, get over it!

(Apologies if this has already been covered on here, but really, it needed a rant!)

After Nescafé got rid of their Parisian blend, Carte Noire was the last decent instant coffee I enjoyed. Now I'm down to the last few spoonfuls in the jar...
Like many others, I've been enjoying CN for millions of years, and now they sell out!

L'or is a sub-standard coffee that comes in the same jar as CN and even brandishes the CN logo on it's 'classic' blend. But don't be fooled (I was). This is not Carte Noire as we knew it! L'or is a poor quality tasteless example of instant coffee and has nothing whatsoever in common with CN.

CN seem to have sold the brand name under license to Douwe Egberts for 12 months (weird?). So hopefully it'll be back in March 2018. But in the meantime CN drinkers across the UK are up in arms, and certainly aren't drinking L'or.

What a shame these companies don't listen to their customers, especially a quality brand like Carte Noire. I can only guess that Mondeléz are struggling and decided to pimp out the brand to give themselves some breathing room.

Tea at work from now on then...

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