Cartoon hd is back

    For those that had it before cartoon hd is back but in a limited form also there is an option to be notified when the new website is up and running yes it's back


    i deleted it from ipad...can i get it back?

    is back but probably not for long again...


    i deleted it from ipad...can i get it back?

    check your purchase history it should be there.

    And HD Cartoon, which has films on too. Like Frozen.

    I still have the old android apk and it still says "gone forever". I've just been to check it!

    Not on AppStore or in my purchased history

    Has been reported as called Cartoon HD pro and is version 2.1. Is available on APPCAKE for IOS

    Yes old app working again

    Says it's gone forever

    It is working!
    But it's the second to last version that was out. Immediately asks to update but you can just hit the back button. If you do go to update it takes you to a web-page asking for your email.

    Original Poster

    you use to be able to find it by searching Google when app store removed it they removed it from your purchase history also there are no movies on there if once you have emailed your contact details and go back on there cancel it to add the details again then go to categories and there's some things still on there

    I just checked the app by chance, and it works again.
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