Carve Your Own Pumpkin

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Found 30th Oct 2006
Carve Your Own Pumpkin for Halloween


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I have actually carved a real pumpkin today. If I knew how to post a photo I would show it to you all 'cause I'm very proud of it.

Here is my effort, everyone should do this as it is halloween now, just take a photo of your screen or take a snap using your web cam (what i did) save it to desktop then run photobucket, upload it then copy URL then use it in here.

Ok im the judge and ill run this all day and see who comes up with the scariest pumpkin cut out.

Cook!e have some rep mate, i like this lol

oh here is my effort, judges decision is final hehe, whoever wins i will send them a halloween bag of sweets.



OK I admit it isn't a picture of my screen. It is the actual pumpkin I carved this afternoon.
It is Steve Irwin The Crocodile Hunter.

I followed your instructions Saxo-appeal but why did my photo turn out so much bigger than yours?

probably the resolution, can you make the resolution a smaller picture etc?

How the dickens did you manage to carve that ??? its really good, now try doing it on the pumkin on the link hehe

Thats fine tho, its not taking any space up on this site as its being hosted by photobucket, so your ok with that size but if you want to shrink it then cool.


Here is mine and my 2 boys effort!!

here you go beckyboo


Thats very good, i like the scary vampire teeth lol :thumbsup:

Thanks saxo_appeal. Technology is beyond me lol.

It was our best effort, My boys cant wait to go trick or treating tonight.

Hope there is going to be an adult with them :thumbsup:


Hope there is going to be an adult with them :thumbsup:

Well i am 26 so i think i count:giggle: :giggle:

They are only 4 and 6 so they dont go out on their own!!! They are both Ghosts this year.
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