Case for Kindle?

    Anybody recommend a decent case for a kindle please? Preferably less than £15. The £30 ones look nice, just seems a bit mad to spend that amount on one


    I bought my mum one off ebay from hong kong, does the job perfectly, choice of colours & arrived quickly, only around £7-£8 inc p+p.

    I got one for my dad off Ebay.

    Ebay item number 250747987412. £8.99.

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    Ebay item number 250747987412. £8.99.

    Thanks, do you have one? does it hold it in well?

    That is the type i got for my dad and it is a good fit.

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    Cool, will buy one and spend the other £22 on some books!!

    I bought this one for the mrs and does a great job fits tidy


    "from ebay"

    showing out of stock till the middle of jan i think but a good case for £15
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    I bought a £22.99 one from ebay with an integrated light and it fell apart out of the packet. I sent it back and got a £15 one with the clip on light and it does the job well.


    Thanks, do you have one? does it hold it in well?

    Yes, and yes!
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