Case for LG Viewty KU990 !

    Looking for a case & screen protect for LG Viewty KU990.. Would like to hear from people who own one as there are loads of cases with poor reviews



    Have a look at this site:

    I'm not sure what the case is like for the Viewty KU990 but I use one for my Nokia N95 and it is really well made, stylish and fits my phone perfectly.

    I know they're expensive but you can use one of the following codes to get a discount:

    leguide 5% 10%
    generationmp3 (not sure what % discount you get with this but it's more than 10%)

    The discounts work fine for P&P to the UK.

    Other sites to perhaps look at are:

    Hope this helps :-D

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    Thanks bigblueballoon :thumbsup:

    Looks good but 50 euros is way off my budget :-D

    It's worth checking Fleabay as they occasionally come up for sale cheap. :thumbsup:

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    Hi, having just extolled the virtues of the Noreve you might want to read the following:…937

    and so maybe the PDair would be better!!

    Love my Beyza case at the minute. They have two designs available, a slim pouch and a flip case.

    I went for the flip case and its amazing, top notch leather and looks really good

    No problem with the speaker as with the noreve review posted by bigblueballon, as cutouts are present

    Quick search on google should point you in the right direction
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