Case for Redmi Note 3 special edition kate


    Could someone recommend a good tpu gel case & screen protector for Redmi Note 3 special edition.
    Rather buy from eBay than China.. Some people have used Standard redmi note 3 case.
    Please need case & protector asap


    There dont seem to be any.

    The Kate is about 3mm longer than the Kenzo, you can just about stretch a Kenzo case to fit - just.

    I have been looking for a Kate specific case since ordering mine a month ago, all the Chinese sellers cases are for the Kenzo, despite what the headline might suggest.

    Even the case included in my bundle is a Kenzo case.

    Now the Kate - in its Kenzo case, just about fills my Note 1 case, so I am tempted to ream out the back of the case to match the Kate speaker and fingerprint sensor, however the buttons are then a bit too far recessed to push easily..

    If that doesnt work, I am just going to go down town and try every case in the cheapy phone case shop, until I find one that is a good fit, then mod it for the fingerprint sensor and speaker.

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    I've had look through XDA but all sellers abroad. I remember reading somewhere that you could possibly get away with redmi note 3 kenzo. Probably bit tight but will stretch to fit

    From what I read, yes they stretch but will cover the finger print a little. I ordered mine from aliexpress

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    Yes many thanks I've seen them all but really wanted one from UK shipping. Can't be asked waiting months from China
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