Case for Vernee Thor phone problems....

Posted 29th Jan
trying to find a case for my wife's Vernee Thor phone, I've ordered 2 different ones from AliExpress but both arrived a the "wrong type"...

She doesn't want one that we have to glue the phone into the case, but be able to clip it in and out sometimes...

Right case...
3397658-FuAyf.jpgWrong case...

I can't find any in the UK, otherwise it's yet another 2 month wait... any ideas anyone?

is there a quick way to work out what other phone cases would fit without checking every measurements known to man?

@MrSwitch I'm looking at you mate...
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Mate, literally no idea, so sorry.

There's a load on amazon.
MrSwitch29/01/2020 19:56

Mate, literally no idea, so sorry.There's a load on amazon.

Yeah, most still from China and still the wrong ones... Phone only cost me about £40 or so... gonna cost a quarter of that to get a case for it...!
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