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Found 28th Feb
Hi I have an amp for sale on eBay and a potential buyer wants to use "cash by courier" so money gets delivered to me and then i give the courier the package.

His feedback is good and it all seems legit I just cant get my head around how he can arrange such a service and if there is anything I need to look out for.

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Hope its of some use to you
I’ve never heard of it but did he say why he wants to pay cash through a courier as opposed to paying by PayPal then sending a courier to collect?
If he sends money with courier, then as far as I see it, as long as you get the cash first and a signature he is the one most at risk. I would suggest having a receipt ready, getting the courier to sign for it and photographing the product in good condition with the courier. Then email the buyer with the photo of the receipt and photo of courier accepting it in good condition.
This is the type of thing I get on gumtree
Was selling a car , had usual messages and questions from idiots
Then one making a offer and will send a recovery truck and cash to collect
Sent a few messages and he rang me , private number , gave me a time car would be collected and a few questions about the car
Messages back and forth most the day over gumtree , basically I went along with him
I didn't actually expect anyone to turn up
Guy in a Peugeot 406 saloon turned up with a a-frame , I had to laugh
Paid me cash , no haggling
I signed logbook and got his details , he connected the cars with the a-frame and drove off
I walked in the house and questioned wtf just happened and laughed
Good luck
Thanks guys, will see if he wins and will post back
Some people don’t trust PayPal.
Buyer didnt even bid let alone win!
jb6652 m ago

Buyer didnt even bid let alone win!

frustrating isnt
jb6622 h, 4 m ago

Buyer didnt even bid let alone win!

I Only bid in the last few seconds so maybe it went out of budget for them and they didn't bid. Unless of course your item is unsold.

You'd rather they asked questions before bidding rather than cancelling after realising you won't accept that kind of transaction.
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