Cash Generator...

Anyone traded stuff in with them before?

What are they like for buying stuff off you, do they give much or are they pretty tight?

Don't wanna lump stuff down there for them to offer me pennies!



they will offer you 25-30% of what its worth..if your lucky

Expect to offered an insultingly low amount of cash!

they pay absolute rubbish price :whistling:


they are crooks

what you looking to sell

Original Poster

Haha thanks guys! Saved me the trip! I'd rather give to charity shops than crooks! I thought it looked bad when they had a 4gb ipod nano 3rd gen for £95 2 weeks ago. Some odd prices! At the same time have had some mega bargains in there :thumbsup:

EDIT: postcount 2,222 oooooh
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