Cash Generator & haggling?

    Has anyone had any success in haggling with them to get the price down on things? They have had a stereo in for a few weeks now (new stock and more than one) that I am interested in, is it worthwhile haggling? Has anyone had any success?


    last time my wife was in town she said they still had a pager in the glass cabinet for £25

    Only time I've got something cheaper, is when I've bought two things - they knocked about 5% off...

    IMO its always worth asking. The worst they can say is no. If you dont ask then you definitely wont get as no one offers!!! I think it depends on who you speak to and how you ask. No point speaking to joe soap on the counter - he wont have the authority. You need to speak to the manager and if you can compare the price to somewhere else for something similar but state your preference for this particular model then maybe you stand a better chance. Good Luck

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    To be honest its a good price anyway as its £99 wheras online cheapest (excluding ebay) is £130+
    its this one…867
    there prices are all over the place anyway with little consistency, I've had seperates cd players for £12 and £15 and sold them on ebay for £60 and £70 respectively. Even stranger is I wanted splinter cell to soft mod an xbox and they had several copies some for £1.99 and some for £3.99!

    Just after a guideline is people had haggled as to how far to try to push it, i'd try haggling anyway.

    As its a franchise, it depends on the owners policy- my local one is always absoltuely desperate for a sale, if you look at anything priced around £100 that they've had in for more than a fortnight the counter monkey will come up and offer it to you for £20 less without even asking if you're interested in buying it. Got a great mtb for £85 before xmas, I could have stuck it on ebay and sold it for three times that easily (full susp, GT, Rock Shox and deore XT kit) I always find myself buying stuff there thinking 'well, im not sure if I actually want it or not, but if I don't someone'll have it off me' lol
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