Found 9th Jul 2010
Anyone else been in there ? Sold my old stereo today that was clogging up space got £15 quid but just wanted rid. I had to show my name and address on a letter sent to me and they also took my picture !!! I felt dirty afterwards the shop was full of junkies selling stolen stuff which i heard them bragging about amongst themselves.

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I've previously been in there, would never sell them anything they offer ridiculous prices for items you're selling & sell them at extortionate prices!


There is always trouble at the 1 near me.

You need a stab vest in that place.

seedy joint DLM?

buy for 15 sell for 130 lol

I call them Dream Stealers, making profit from someone else's prized possessions. Doesn't stop me nabbing mucho cheap 360/PS3 games, I nabbed Dragon Age Origins and Fear 2 on the PS3 last week for £5 each.



seedy joint DLM?

Harpurhey (_;)
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