Cash on collection service.

Posted 19th Jan
Is there a service that collects item from seller and pays him cash and delivers the item to buyer?
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Hi JP. I don't know if it's much help to you but I'm pretty sure most "person in a van" types will do this. Of course, you have to pay them up front first.

Most towns have a 'bod' who advertises locally. Round my way we have several. Just call, tell them what you need picking up/when etc. and they will give you a quote. Pay for the collection, including the payment and they'll sort it for you. Perhaps try "Googling" your area or check any local publication you may receive through your mailbox. We have a "Local Advertiser" mag delivered regularly which has these type of ads.

It's quite usual to see "Man-In-A-Van" ads but; of course; that's sexist now, isn't it.

All the best, Phsy.
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Unless the source was a reputable business such a service would be fraut with potential "not as described" issues unless some very strict controls were in place.
Ive always thought this would be a good business plan.. albeit a tad risky too. Why not ask on here of a person lives in a certain area and may be willing to collect for you?
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