Cashback at ebay, receive 40% of the fees the seller gets charged back. Topcashback.

Topcashback offers 40% of the fees the seller is charged back in the form of cashback, and it seems some people do not know about this so I thought I would spread the word.

Topcashback is just like quidco, it gives 100% of the cashback to you, and it does not charge an annual fee, instead it earns through adverts on the webpages - not at all annoying and do not get in the way. No minimum payout either or charges to withdraw earnt money.

This can be hit and miss according to some people, but when shopping for bargains on ebay, in my opinion, anything extra is a bonus. And I've had £9.97 of cashback from ebay so far, woohoo!

Words of advice -
1) Clear your cookies before clicking topcashback's link to ebay.
2) Try not to clear cookies between linking to ebay, bidding and paying.


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You also get the regular click throughs, the mobile phone contracts, online purchases.. etc etc. Sometimes higher rates than quidco, sometimes lower so worth comparing them maybe if you're doing a big shop.

stupid quidco closed ebay from thier list. stupid stupid stupid quidco



stupid quidco closed ebay from thier list. stupid stupid stupid quidco

It may not have been Quidco's decision :thumbsup:
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