CASHBACK FOR BOOTS 2.5% , JOHN LEWIS Upto 5% , BORDERS 5% , ARGOS upto 5% Online Purchases through Kidstart

For those who want to earn cashback on the above online retailers and others, you can through
I have successfully tracked Boots, Borders transactions etc in past 2 months but have to be paid, only use when quidco not available.
However the cashback goes towards your nominated child/children accounts..a great way to save for your children or other family members.
I hope its of use..

see Which news article for more info on site…jsp



Why the negative already .. Read the post only use when quidco not … Why the negative already .. Read the post only use when quidco not available, therefore nothing is lost but must is gained for the charity. HOT.

HI I have never seen this one before but like the idea:thumbsup:
Hot from me ...and thanks


Moved to misc, not a deal but info.

Boots is 3.5% @ Cashbackkings :whistling:

[url][/url] does borders at 8% and has option to give to charity, or take for thasen!
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