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Found 28th Jun 2009
Im wondering is there a way to get cashback from I cant see it on Quidco is there any other sites that offer it??

Any help would be appreciated


how about 5% to charity?
pm if you want to know the site, Don't think i can name it on here can I?

think u can collect nectar points but thats about it..

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Nectar points, thats interesting thanks

anyone else know anything??

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I have to register and wait for the card to come before i can use it online so that options out the window lol

could use my nectar card :w00t:

loving the avi djchaos..

earn £3 when you join

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was hoping for more than £3.50 cashback lol but thanks for your help allycat

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loving the avi djchaos..

thanks :w00t:
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