Cashback on purchases from Amazon?

Found 10th Nov 2008

I'm about to make a sizable purchase from Amazon.co.uk but I have noticed that they don't do Quidco style cashback? What's the best way (if any) to get the most of my purchase?

I know they do Nectar but they're worth diddly squat.

Many thanks!
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Unfortunately Amazon don't offer cashback any more. Have you tried purchasing from other online stores?
not been on there for a while now ^^^^
pigsback do 2 points per £1, 2 points equal 2 pence
Thanks for the wepromiseto suggestion. Thing is, I would have to fork out the first £5 to them when I have done that to Quidco already this year and I would just use quidco for everything else anyway. I might just go for the Nectar points...

Anyone know when they might be doing another one of those half price offers? i.e. CDs - was 2000 points, now 1000 points etc etc.

Ta muchly.
greasypalm do amazon cashback
pennymix also do cashback 3% not bad if u order alot from there
You can get ipoints for amazon purchases
i think quidsin do Amazon cashback too

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