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Found 19th Sep 2009
I've noticed Quidco and TopCashBack aren't doing cashback on Virgin Media anymore. Anyone have any idea what happened? I swear they were doing it only last week...

Also, can anyone vouch for these sites:
Cashback Kings
Give or take

They're doing £65 for VM (which is nothing compared to Quidco and TCB's £150.. but better than nothing)


Cashback Kings are supposed to be up there with Quidco but it's a shame that VM are no longer with the other 2 companies.
They're probably not that happy at paying out too much money and I'm surprised a lot of companies still advertise with cashback sites since they're defeating the purpose of advertising.

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They were doing £150 which was a helluva lot of money to knock off. No wonder they've pulled it.

I've submitted a ticket to Quidco to see if when they'll be starting up VM cashback again (website says "coming soon") but if there's no answer, will go with the £65 from Cashback Kings. :thumbsup:

I had my virgin quidco validated on the 19th July, my payment date has been pushed back and pushed back, I contacted quidco the other day and asked them what was happening, they said it takes upto 90 days to get payment from Virgin so they expect it to be paid by the 18th October, if I dont have the money by then I've to contact them again.

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Got a reply:

Thank you for your enquiry.We cannot confirm when this Virgin Media offer … Thank you for your enquiry.We cannot confirm when this Virgin Media offer will appear as live on our site.Please therefore continue to monitor our website as members will be immediately notified once this offer is listed as live.Kind regards,AntonyQuidco Member Support

I can't live for long without the internet (moving house in a few days, into a VM area) so looks like I'll go with Cashback Kings.

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Just an update for anyone that's interested..

It seems that all the cashback websites (at least, the half dozen I tried) have stopped doing cashback from Virgin Media. Cashback Kings replied to one of my messages concerning the matter with: Virgin Media cashback "has been suspended temporarily due to tracking reasons."

Full price for me then :-(
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