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    Hey folks, i sent my claim about 60 days ago, on their website it says if you dont recieve the cheque after 30 get in touch. Well i cant get in touch with them, none of their numbers seem to work, ive been trying for a week. I talked to the customer services and they give me an email address. I emailed them and got an auto response saying use the help on the website as the inbox is no longer manned. im fed up with it. seems they are doing their best to ignore cashback claims......

    Where do i stand? if i cancel my direct debit have i got rights with them not fullfilling their end????


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    noone else having this trouble with them??

    01270 504400 give it a try

    lmao not being nasty but the phrase learn the hard way comes to mind!
    this is a no go phone company as i and alot of others have fallen foul of joining.
    good luck in getting your cash back as i personally gave up after 4 months:x

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    learn the hard way.....cheers for that...

    i joined these in may and at the time i didnt hear anything bad from them...

    does anyone know my rights???

    If you followed the t&c's then you can take them to a small claims court to get your money back. Loads of info here already about that if you take a look. They are part of the cpw group so should be reliable. I started using them in about July and got my first cashback very quickly. Nearly time to send off another. I use special delivery with consequential loss insurance. As long as you can prove it arrived via some sort of recorded delivery in time then you should be fine. Try e-mailing Charles Dunstone.

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    thanks benji
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