cashback - quidco or paypal?

    I've been wanting to sign up for quidco for a while (just haven't really found the motivation yet), but then I get an email today telling me paypal does cashback. Can anyone tell me what would be the better option?




    quidco over paypal anyday!


    its free (no membership fee), no treshold (min cashback), rate close to quidco, a lot retailers, and can pay you using PAYPAL ...

    Not sure about paypal cash back but quidco always pays up and does what it says on the tin :thumbsup:

    It really depends on where you are shopping.
    I tend to use Quidco as I find the site very straightforward to use, but if they don't have the shop on there I am looking for then I use
    Can't find my way around rpoints so can't comment on that one as I haven't used them successfully!
    (Have used pigsback in the past, but you have to beware with these, as you earn piggy points rather than cash, which you convert into vouchers and things, but they can remove your points if they wish from your account as per their small print grrr.....)

    I have signed up with all the cashback sites I can find including Paypal, there's nothing to stop you doing this ... there are loads of them now ....
    This free tool from will search all the cash back sites for the best cashback deal !…on/

    I got the email about paypal cashback too. From what I can see it's not as good an offer as quidco - for example for you can get up to 6% back on paypal it's only 1%.
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