Found 31st Dec 2015
seen a lot of sites like quidco and topcashback mentioned on hot deals

what are these and how do they work

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Simply you sign up to them - find the website you want on their page, and go via them.... if you go via them and then make a purchase you earn money back for free....

Some do one off deals like say BT might offer £150 if you sign up with their broadband, or some offer a % of any purchase you make back.... the sites track the cashback and can take anywhere up to a month or 2 to pay you the money.... but basically FREE MONEY so well worth it

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ah right thanks for your help

I've become a member of both top cash back and quidco. Is it possible to combine both?

no-they hate each other

No. To collect Cashback the 'referring' website tracks you to the one you wish to purchase from using 'cookies's.

Say you want to buy a shed from B&Q at £100. If TopCashBack (TCB) was offering 5% cashback and QuidCo (QC) was offering 4%, it would generally be better to use TCB.

HOWEVER, you can't go to the B&Q website first, buy the item, THEN go to TCB. You MUST be referred to get he cashback.

In the above case, close all Browsers you have open and start from scratch (to avoid any errors in tracking).

open the TCB website, log in, search for B&Q and click the link to be referred to their website, which should open up in a new browser page.

No go directly to the product(s) you wish to buy and purchase them. You will likely find the cashback 'tracks' your purchase fairly quickly but, depending on the merchant, it could be a few days to weeks or even until after an event has occured (6wks after attending a hotel for example).

If you don't find the cashback amount has tracked properly, raise a query with the website TCB in this case. However, read the T&Cs first an check things like using a discount code not provided etc.

Remember B&Q will be paying TCB a % of the purchase price and, after they take their cut, pass on the rest of the cashback to you. B&Q would be loosing some profit and if you use a discount code too they loose out twice so many don't pay if you use both.

Hope that helps!

Also, TopCashBack is the better one to go for - as they will always match competitors (such as Quidco), so you can be sure of getting the best rate.


Warning disable your ad blocking software when using it. I didn't found out to my cost...3 claims knocked back reason given === no tracking found. ...
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