"Cashback" sites

    i was wondering if there is a catch with Quidco, Topcashback and other websites like that.
    and how do they work



    Yes. When you are not looking they come around and steal your pets and sell them on the black market for illegal fights. The money they make from this goes towards the cashback they give out. Its sick and wrong!*

    *this may not really be find out more you could try reading their websites

    TCB has no fees to pay and you get a bit of a top up.

    Quidco charges you £5 for the privilage of using their services.

    Basically every time you go to a link through their website and buy something during that visit, they get paid a percentage from the company you bought from for having referred you. They then pass on some of this money back to you.

    The bad thing about TCB is that they close your account if you don't login for a while and you lose any money you had in it, was really peeved when that happened to me. Doesn't happen with Quidco but they charge £5 annually.

    You shouldn't rely on getting the cashback. Sometimes they get declined and the rules/times for starting a claim can be ridiculously complicated. And sometimes the cashback company don't receive their money, so you won't get yours.
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