Cashback through Quidco have you recieved your money yet?

    Has anyone been paid through quidco yet because i have had money "recieved" by quidco but not yet paid on to me. and it has been like that since late janurary


    I've been paid, just this month in fact (including £70 from Blue Square just for opening an account lol)

    Certainly helped my bank account.

    Check you have a paypal email address entered on your profile, and that you haven't set a minimum payout limit

    Also they only pay out at the end of each month, so maybe they received the money just after their cutoff date

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    ok well thanks for that. i'll just wait for another month and see what happens then

    How much money do you have in your QuidCo account? If it's under £20 then you'll need to change the settings to receive it.

    I received my first payment last month.

    but remember paypal will charge a fee for receiving a payment (deducted from the payment being received)

    No they don't, not with an echeque.

    No charges for receiving a payment if you have a basic Personal PayPal account

    Even with an Premier account you don't get charged, the payment is sent as an echeque which is not charged.

    i was charged £1.50 from a £39 receipt from quidco.

    My bad, you do.

    If you have a premier account you will be charged 3.4% and 20p, on EVERY transaction.
    If you have a personal account you may have to upgrade to a premier account to accept the payment.

    I'm leaving my money in Quidco until they have another payment option.

    Ad dinosteveus says if you have premier you will pay. If you have a personal account you will not pay to receive Quidco payment as long as your monthly PayPal amounts received are less than £250 and are not funded by credit/debit card.

    I was charged £5 on £80 but they paid out fine

    I have just had an email from Quidco. The payment is by e-cheque but they hope to have BACS soon. Great news.
    If you do have a Premier Paypal account you can downgrade it once but that is it. It cannot be upgraded again. You can have two Paypal accounts , one Personal and one premier but they need separate Bank details.
    I pay Paypal hundreds of pounds every month and if I can avoid giving them anymore I will. :x

    Following the recent bashing that PAYPAL has been taking from Watchdog, hopefully they'll try throwing people a few sweetners to try and keep people using them and will reduce a few charges.

    Why should they? A few unhappy customers will not affect them in the slightest. The scams featured on Watchdog have been going around for years. Paypal do know about them and have done for as long as I've been posting on Ebays P&P board. Over three years. Not many people read or follow their complex user agreement.
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