Cashing cheques at the Post Office

Posted 11th Jun 2008
Can you put a cheque into your account at the post office?

My bank is Barclays and the cheque is from a Clydesdale bank.

Also is there any charge for this and do i simply just take the cheques in?

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i think you'll neet one of these paying in envelopes from the bank, then you can. however, it's probably quicker going directly to the bank.
There is no charge for this. However it takes one day longer to clear than your normal bank.
thanks for the replies.

Will they not have the envelopes at the post office?
I usually pick up a few envelopes and paying in slips my bank (Barclays). I pay most cheques in at the post office, a lot nearer.

Post office have agreement with Barclays and a couple of others I think
The Post Office don't take chequese for all banks!

I know as I went in to pay into a First Direct account. They had the envelopes all printed up with the Post Office logo and "First Direct" on them (I think they have envelopes for each bank) then when they tried to enter it into the system - they couldn't find it!

15 mins later after after all the staff had tried to find it, they phoned head office.
It turns out that they can only take payments for First Direct in Scottish Post Office's!?!?!?
Yet they had the ***** envelopes!!!!!

There may be other banks they don't accept - there may be more detals on the Post Office website?
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