Cashing in gold....

    Could somebody tell me some websites, where you cash your old gold in please. Preferably sites with personal experiences. Thanks.


    i sold some a while back on ebay, old earrings, knotted chains etc, i was surprised that it went for so much!

    I know a few people here recommend this site.


    Iv used hattongarden metals twice and had the money in my account the same day they receive the gold.. they also offer fab prices, highly recommended

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    Is it worth it do we think?


    Is it worth it do we think?

    See what the local jewellery shops (Indies not H Samuel. lol) will offer you at home. Weigh it first so that you know what the scrap value is and go from there.

    I got between £6 and £7 a gram on the bay.....

    gold is at a high price at the moment,go to an independent jeweler and you should do well,i wouldn't risk the post ! i scrapped some odd broken bits and got £170

    defo hatton garden metals. Ive used them about 6 times now. Gold is on the up - so good time to sell.
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