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Got an email today about the cashplus prepaid master card.Offer was; no monthly fee or purchase fee just £4.95 inital charge which would be refunded if I put £250 on the card in the first month.Sounded good to me so clicked on the links,filled in my details then they asked me for my passport code?Sounded sus to me so didn't go through with it.Anyone else get this email?You think this is legit?


they usually ask for that or driving licence num to verify who you are

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Oh right.Thanks for the reply.Wasn't sure.

Caxton Card do exactly the same, it is quite normal.

I had the same, swerved it, and went with Neteller card. I use Neteller all the time, great service, and the top up Mastercard is great, what you saying now Ryan Air?

I use BreadCard, but NeTeller looks good too.

Used this card and company for years and would recommend to everyone. Especially now they offer Credit Card Protection. And the other great things with these are you can take option to use the monthly £4.95 fee and everything is then free, withdrawals, purchases etc with no additional fees and they set up a credit agreement with you and each month take £4.95 form card. All this is then reported back to experian on your credit file and it boosts up your ratings. Been doing this with them for over a year now and yes it does make a difference to your rating, though mind if you dont top up and have enough to pay the £4.95 they can report it as failed payment. So works in 2 ways. These and O2 money card are probably best I have come across and used, unless someone knows a better offer
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