CashPlus prepaid Mastercard

Posted 29th Jan 2010
I signed up for a CashPlus prepaid Mastercard but did not enter any credit card or debit card details and I've recieved a letter asking for the £9.90 initial fee and fee for not having any money on the card.

I want to cancel the card as I've found a better deal elsewhere and reading the terms and conditions it states

You have the right to;
i) withdraw from this agreement without cause and without penalty for a period of 14 days from a) the date on which you open your Account by paying your card issue fee and, if applicable, your first monthly fee or, for telephone sales b) the date on which you receive these Terms and Conditions, or, if you have purchased a Registration Pack c) the date on which you register (Account Opening Date). To do this you must write to Customer Services enclosing proof of purchase (if you bought a Pack) or if a Card has been issued, return the Card, cut in half.
ii) close your Account at any other time. To do this you must write to Customer Services and return the Card cut in half. Note: following receipt of your Card(s) we will wait 10 days for transactions to be processed. Once all transactions and fees have been deducted, any balance on your Account will be returned to you subject to you having provided satisfactory confirmation of your identity and address (where applicable). A cancellation fee will apply (see Fees Summary) unless the cancellation occurs 12 months or more after opening your account or follows a change in these Terms and Conditions which would leave you disadvantaged. As this process may take up to 30 days you may prefer to withdraw funds by ATM or by making purchases at a MasterCard outlet.

Since I have an account and bill but no card, if I ignored paying it would my account be automatically closed after 14 days or do I need to write to customer services and will this incure the £10 closing fee?
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I think you've mistaken this place for the cashplus customer services.…pdf

Cut up the card, send it back if you do not want it. Read the terms and conditions on the site and learn to use your own initiative.
I haven't actually recieved the card yet, just a bill asking for £9.90 plus whatever I wanted to put on the card.
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