Casio "Electro Luminescence" Watch Was Very Dim, Now Not Lighting At All? Faulty Or Does It Need A New Battery?

Posted 1st Feb 2018
I'm hoping this isn't a dum-dum question. I picked up a cheapie retro Casio (A168WG-9EF) and as I had such fondness for the Indiglo Timex Watch I had 20-odd years ago, I went for the Electro Luminescence one (the whole Casio/Illuminator description confuses me, but, anyway).
2887112.jpgIt was purchased from Amazon Warehouse - had all the tags/packaging and looks real, CASIO on the clasp, two serial numbers on the back where the bracelet meets the face. It came with clear cellophane over the bracelet and face, blue cellophane on the clasp. So, I assume that it is nearly-new.

One thing is bugging me. The lovely turquoise backlight was very, very dim at first but I put it down to it being daytime. Now nothing is happening at all.

Is the watch faulty or does it just need a new battery? I tried a few watch forums but nobody really seemed to offer much insight, just some maybes and perhaps-es.

Thanks for any replies.

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