Casio waveceptor watch - how to remove links from bracelet?

Found 8th Mar 2008
Just received my MTG-900DU , I have removed links from many bracelets before but this one has a pin but there is no hole to push through on the side of each of the links. See this photo , this is an arrow to suggest pushing through but the pin is rather difficult to access and is not on the side of the link, you can see the pin just where the arrow is pointing .
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Here is the picture, I successfully removed the links using a small precision screwdriver but allow yourself an hour, previous experience in removing other types of watch link will be a great help as you would have experience of how the pins are slotted in.

1. It is much easier to start with the bracelet flat. Use a drawing pin or a tiny steel pin , push into the two holes on the side near to the buckle and remove the pin, do the same on the other side of the buckle, notice the ridge that is on the pin, this is what you need to push in 4) below
2. You will have the buckle on its own, remember which way it goes round
3. Locate the position where you wish to remove the link, there is no hole on the side to push the pin, so it is much more fiddly now with this type of connection
4. An arrow shows which direction that you need to push the pin out of its slot, on the pin there is a small ridge, there is just enough grip for you to push it in the direction of the arrow with a small precision screw driver, quite a bit of patience and care is needed and allow yourself 30 mins, I think Casio specialist will have a circular tip that fits snuggly round this ridge that goes round the pins.
5. There is no need to use a great deal of force, just push about 1 to 1.5 mm distance.
Thanks. Bought OH one of these for his birthday in a few weeks I have a feeling that we may need this info. Really nice watch:thumbsup:
Thanks for this - just finished removing some links.
I think accuracy with the precision screw driver is more important than force!
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