Casio Z1200.. any good?

    im after buying a compact camera for a friends b'day. Im a canon SLR kind of girl, so i dont know much on the compact front.

    just noticed this Casio in the jessops sale...…073

    has anyone got one? any good?
    the 12mp is probably slightly pointless in such a small camera.. but sounds impressive.



    Its alrite as compacts go, Casios are fairly robust and take some good pictures. 12mp is probley too much, 7-8mp is more than enough on such a small sensor. With that many pixels its bound to get noisy in night/dark shots etc.

    Must be a good friend to be buying her a camera!!

    Ixus range is worth a look, though can be pricy, also the new Nikon Coolpix are pretty ace.

    i think thats a really good cam! .. i recently bought the casio Z1080 for myself so i know they are quite good iccle cameras.

    i think the 12 megapixels is actually quite good.. as all cameras can take naff shots sometimes..i doubt just because it is small it would be a poor camera. you can mess with the setting to help..ISO etc

    also this has got the NP-40 Li-ion battery, rechargeable, a must for a digital camera!!

    i guess it depends what/why/how sort of thing the camera would be used...there are plenty of really good ones out there nowadays

    Original Poster

    it doesnt have to be amazing, she got by on the biggest piece of **** camera ive ever seen, for 2 years...
    id like it to have a big screen though. I was looking at the Panasonic Lumix'.. they seem to have good reviews.. maybe the FX 35. its just theyre £80 more than most.. and i dont think the difference would be that noticeable to her..
    i was going toward the Ixus 75 for a while, it has the ixus goodness, but is old enough not to be too expensive.. but this Casio is the same price.. and comes with all the extra goodies..

    im the worst technology chooser ever.

    ..well it does have a big screen. but i think a fair few of them do.

    i think its really up to you as your the one buying... theres a megapixel difference between the two u mentioned..but if she's not a huuge enthusiast im sure the difference wouldnt actually matter.. or be noticeable as you say.

    i go for good cameras as i have an interest in photography.. but someone who just takes random images on nights out etc wouldnt need the highest of specs i would have thought...

    im sure there was another thread about decent cameras, cheap on here somewhere...

    found these can compare easily..

    if i had 130 to spend id probably buy the casio, i like the look of it better tbh. But i think for the price its ok.

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    yeah.. i doubt she would notice..

    i think its a toss up between a newer slim model, that has some cool features such as this Casio.. or something like an older model ixus that has the canon name behind it, but no snazzy features ( such as IS or face recognition)

    i have a feeling i'll just go with the Casio.. and play with it a bit before hand.
    at least i can return it fairly easy if i buy from Jessops..

    Original Poster

    awesome, thanks for the reviews..

    i think i've probably read every review in the world at this point...

    *slightly cross eyed*

    yes the casio does have all those features, making it simple to take alot of different types of images with ease.. i also would say its very easy to get the hang of having the similar model myself. so i would def recommend it :thumbsup:

    i dont always go with a product just because its a good brand there are many amzing things out there.

    And if its the cheapest a Jessops go for it, Ive had no problems with them either

    For £130 you cant really go wrong with the Casio, have a play with it. If all you want is a simple point and shoot then this will fill your brief exactly. Just, dont get taken in by makes no difference with that sort of sensor size.

    If your instore, have a look at the fuji Z20's, Nikon 210 coolpix and Panasonic FS3 (oh, and the FX30, with the 28mm lens) whilst your there, similar price band so you'll have something to compare it with.

    Oh, and if you buy from Jessops, they will (or at least should) offer you the 'extended warrenty', now dont write this off in a single breath, its actually pretty handy if you use it. My friend got this, he destroyed his camera 3 times (accidental) and now they've just replaced it. for no extra cost. Consindering if she breaks it its gonna cost £100+...just sayin...


    If your instore, have a look at the fuji Z20's, Nikon 210 coolpix and … If your instore, have a look at the fuji Z20's, Nikon 210 coolpix and Panasonic FS3 (oh, and the FX30, with the 28mm lens) whilst your there, similar price band so you'll have something to compare it with

    yeh they will/should let you have a hold, mb a demonstration.. although i always seem to get the guy who knows nothing!

    (also a geek)

    Yea theres always one, worse is The Hardsell who knows nothing...

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    ive just thought of one thing that might put a downer on the Casio, the picture sizes are going to be enormous.

    My canons 10mp, and most images are around 4mb...
    if this ones 12mp, images are likely to be 5mb upwards?.. thats huge!

    just trying to think of what she uses it for.. uploading to websites and such.. might be a bad idea.


    u can easily resize photographs

    Original Poster

    you can indeed!

    i often do so in fact.

    but to take 50 images off the camera resize them all then upload... its a bit of a waste of time.
    plus storage on the computer is gonna be used up pretty quick!

    You can also tell the camera to use less megapixels, so she wont fill up her card as quick. It should do this, one of the things you can test out when you go visit it

    But yea, 12mp images will be hefty, although not as big as your SLR (bigger sensor, more data)

    think the prob is most of them are like this tho.. but jonsters right you can take less pixel'd images, a simple thing u can do and also go back to the higher quality after.. takes two secs..

    Think for most websites (guessing the social kind) the max is 5mb, reducing the pixal size would mean they fit...which like i say, you might have to do with most top cameras nowadays. Most are all of high spec.

    I wouldnt worry about storage on the computer too much. I have too many folders full of images ive taken.
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