Caster Semenya, forced to take gender test, is a woman ... and a man

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Found 11th Sep 2009
Tests show that controversial runner Caster Semenya is a woman ...and a man!

The 18-year-old South African champ has no womb or ovaries and her testosterone levels are more than three times higher than those of a normal female, according to reports.

The tests, ordered by The International Association of Athletics Federations after Semenya's 800-meter victory in the World Championships, determined she's a hermaphrodite - having both male and female organs.

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so she more like a post op trannie.
i heard about it on the news tihs morning, that she had both sets of organs, got me wondering if she could get herself pregnant! but obviously not with a womb or ovaries.

ahh probably still would.

well if she has both male and female organs then far as I am concerned she can go **** herself!:whistling:
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