Posted 1st Jan 2022 (Posted 23 h, 53 m ago)
We've had the Quest 2 for Christmas and are currently casting to the TV via a Chromecast. It works, but with a delay. Its not a massive delay, probably less than a second. I just wondered though.. is there a better way to cast than with an ageing Chromecast?

I've tried casting directly to the LG TV directly and I've tried casting via a 4k Firestick, but not had enjoy with either of these. The Quest 2 cast doesn't find either of these devices.

Any suggestions for better alternatives to the Chromecast?
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    If you’re on about the latency then that’s always going to be there.

    I wouldn’t try casting to stuff it doesn’t lost as compatible though. It just won’t work.

    Have you tried using a browser page and the app instead as they’re listed on the share screen?

    If you want zero latency though for others to watch you’ll need to plug it into a pc and run it like that

    Otherwise just put in headphones so you don’t hear the delay from the tv as I presume it’s so other people can watch

    The latency really isn’t an issue. Just need to compromise on some things

    Enjoy your quest
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    You have to remember that the Oculus is recording the image and movement of you, then transfering the data to a wireless connection (the router) then sharing that back out to another wireless device (the chrome cast) that's processing the data back into an image.

    This all takes time, and it cannot be changed unless you run at a lower resolution. You can also have a wired connection between the quest and TV.
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    Thanks both of you! That's my question thoroughly answered.

    It's only really Beat Sabre where the latency is noticeable. It's no big issue, I just wondered whether there was a way of eliminating the delay completely. But, like you've both said, it's just the way it is and I can stop looking for a solution .

    Thanks again 🏻
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