Castle Quest - BBC B Games Old Skool

Anyone used to have a BBC computer at their school? Ok Im showing my age here (31) and we had this game on it...I can remember vividly not being able to get the aqualung...

Anyhoo, I just found a walkthrough if anyone is interested in this awesome game.

Will be grabbing an emulator ASAP lol


Do you buy 'RetroGamer' Mag, if this kind of stuff interests you, then its a great read.
Oh and yes, i remember the game and the aqualung.

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I dont, but I have an Amiga 500 in the attic with a faulty modulator that I want to ressurect...I know there are scart adapters on ebay now that will allow play on a TV...roll on!

Well I just spoiled about 20 years of fond memories of this game by playing the whole clip...all that for a poxy hidden treasure lol

Spent hours on Gauntlett 2 on the Speccy 128 too :-D
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