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Cat blindness

Posted 23rd Sep
Our 5 year old cat has been hit by a Car and he has had to have his one eye removed, after the operation they have phoned to say he may be blind in the other eye due to trauma etc, has anyone else had a cat in the same situation and how did the cat cope? Thanks
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I can't help, but I'm very sorry to hear that
Sorry to hear that, not had a cat in your situation before, but I’ve cats sustain other injuries in years previous. You’ll find that cats (and dogs also, to be fair) are extremely resourceful, more so than us humans, they don’t moan, howl or complain, they live for the moment and just get on with things. He’ll be fine once he recovers
Very sorry to hear about your cat. Not quite the same thing but one of my elderly dogs is almost blind (and deaf) but manages very well, you'll be surprised at how resilient most animals are and can learn to cope with most situations far better than humans.
My parents cat went blind (14 years old), she coped really well. Could find her way round with no problem.

As its a recent trauma rather than a gradual deterioration your cat will likely struggle and be scared for a few weeks, take things slow, announce where you are and don’t just grab it etc and I’m sure it will be fine
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