Cat diets

    What do you feed your cat?

    I don't have a cat but my mum used to have a few and their diet was strictly, meat, fish, milk and water. Lots of different types of fish and meat but mostly chicken. I was speaking to a Moldovan friend today about cats and apparently meat only makes up a fraction mod cats diets there, they eat pretty much everything. Courgettes was one of their cats favourite foods, they basically ate the same as the people. Never cat food from tins! It made me realise that our cats have a really unhealthy diet compared to Moldovan cats who mostly eat vegetables! Would our cats live longer with a healthier diet?


    I think some cats will eat almost anything. Have seen them eating stale bread before.

    Never owned a cat but different people will agree how best to feed them - dry food or cat meat etc.

    My 14 year old Ginger Tom liked to be hand fed prawns.

    what do cats like in their water?

    Mice cubes!:3

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    I am reassured to learn that cats should be eating meat and not rabbit food. My mum did the right thing by her kitties after all! What do these foreigners think they're doing trying to turn their cats into vegetarians?


    cats are obligate carnivores so only take nutrition from meat so junk like whiskas etc isnt good for them (4% meat)

    milk is a definite no-no as most cats are lactose intolerant & drinking milk may result in an upset tummy & cause diarrhoea.

    dry food only diet is bad too as it has no moisture so cats become dehydrated leading to chronic kidney failure


    cats love rabbit
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