Cat litter bins?

Posted 27th Dec 2019

Last year I got a cat litter bin and it turned out to be very expensive to buy the refill cartridges (£6 per) and buying the huge value rolls you can get on Amazon don’t fit the squarish opening as most of them (and other types of cartridge) are circular.

I don’t really want to buy something similar with a circular opening because I’d still be paying too much. I’m asking what other cat owners do instead that’s cheaper but just as convenient and hygienic (especially the smell)?

Thank you!
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Morrison's basic nappy sacks. Around 30p for 100. They can vary in price. Highest I've paid is about 35p.

I think they are the thickest and best of the value nappy sacks and a pack lasts me 2-3 months in a single cat house hold cleaning the tray of lidl clumping litter daily.
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