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    I'm after some advice from any cat owners..could you recommend a cat flea treatment that works, my cat has just recently started scratching a lot ,I'm hoping it's not fleas but I've looked up treatments and can't work out which is any advice please on any particular brand..thanks.


    I use advantage and find it good.. I get mine from pets at home.. monthly direct debit of £4 and they send you one vial each month.

    Advantage is 4 months (4 pipettes ) for £10.17 at Mr Pets online.
    That or use frontline for cats

    I use advantage for my three cats. I always purchase it online as it is a lot cheaper than in the shops. I was told by a well known pet shop that advantage is good as it treats the cat as well as the environment around them.

    yep advantage is better than frontline

    Advantage here, works a treat on our cats and cheap, we get ours from animead direct

    Yes I agree Advantage seems better than Front line

    Frontline Combo (NOT the standard Frontline) is very good but you need a prescription from your vet to get it.

    Frontline combo no longer kills fleas on my animals as the fleas have become immune, Advantage works very well though.

    Advantage. Every time.

    Another vote for Advantage.

    And another here for Advantage.

    It's worth noting that the over-the-counter products for fleas rarely work, and can sometimes cause severe skin problems. Always go for something which is vet prescription only.

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    Advantage here as well for my 2 but it seems a bit late in the year for fleas tbh.

    Same advantage seems to work. When they have it really bad I have used some tablets that I think were from Johnsons. I'd imagine they are useless alone but I give it a few days after the advantage and it seems to help loads


    We use broadline, it's prescription only from the vets.

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    thank you everyone , seems this advantage stuff works the best..ill get him that..thanks again for the recommendations.

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    coys67 shows how much I know I didn't even realize there was any particular time of the year when fleas were more common.


    Run your hand counter to the lie of his fur to check for evidence of fleas before you rush to buy Advantage.
    Excessive scratching could be a skin condition that requires veteninary treatment. Well done for caring

    4fleas is very good for over the counter can watch the little **** falling off after 15 or so mins

    wow is that really a word worth staring during a post about bugs?

    Frontline was ineffective on our two cats, vet said to try Advantage and so far it's done the job,

    Frontline used to be good, but something must have changed a few years back, doesn't seem to work now. Haven't tried advantage myself, tried Bob Martin, can't remember exact name, but they sell it in supermarkets. I got STV International Zero In Flea Killer ZER020 from Amazon to catch any of the blighters in the house. This works for me, but I might try advantage too.

    subscribing to post our kitten has just finnished all her treatments at vets and have been offered a service for £12 a month which covers flea treatment and worming ,so which worming products do you guys reccomend?

    Hi - I use Diatomaceous Earth - not for every one I guess but it's safe and works better on long haired animals (it's more work to do than just putting drops on the animal - but I found the fleas around here were immune to the drops)

    The Benefits:
    · Kills Flies, Fleas, Ticks, Red Mites, Cockroaches, Bedbugs, Centipedes, Earwigs, Ants and many other insects and bugs
    · Natural Wormer - eliminates many internal parasites without the need for expensive chemical products
    · Safe, Organic and non-toxic - parasites cannot build up immunity as they can with traditional wormers
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