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    Can someone recommend a Cat owners site and forum please ?. I 've had my little Jessie for 4 years and while I feel I know him well there are still a lot of little questions I wanted answered. I have found out a lot by attempting to string words together in google but some q's are just to detailed for that.

    I am looking for a site with dedicated forums (that are upto date and not 2007 unanswerd ). I have questions on things like attitudes, cat proofing areas, stuff that common sense can get me by but other owners advice would be more useful.

    Obviously I'm not going to post a little essays worth of queries on here as I feel it would be a little misuse of a general site.


    I find useful and up to date

    Original Poster

    Thats just what I wanted. Thank you.

    Now to start to make the mound of queries coherent and readable.

    There is an advice page, fequently asked questions etc here:…tml

    its part of a cat homing charity but has some useful info.

    +1 on catchat - I used to use that place and they do a lot of work rehoming cats etc too.

    choc1969;6861141 find useful and up to date

    +1 we have a 3yr old ginger gal called Noodle and this site was most helpfull
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