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Found 4th Aug
Hello people. Just sold a Ford Focus and thinking of getting a Ford kuga. Seen one which is category S. I’m not all knowledgeable about cars so what are your thoughts on buying a cat S car? Cheers
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Category S replaces the old Cat C and is a car which has had structural damage. If it's a new relatively expensive car for it to be Cat S and written of means it must have suffered a great deal of damage, or that's what I understand by it. I would check what your insurance would be and maybe get a mechanic to look it over first.
Get an AA check and it should be cheaper than a non cat car.
You will have to disclose its a cat S registered car ,so you will than have to sell it cheaper.
Wouldn’t touch it.
Don't touch with a bargepole.

Cat S is Structural damage.So serious damage to significant components. I'd consider cat N - non-structural so cosmetic damage, but I wouldnt trust a structural damaged car.

The new categories dont directly align with the old cat c/d which related to the cost of repair nd bodywork + hire car could easily make an older car a write off. The new categories give you a better idea of the seriousness of the damage.
Car s is structural as stated above. I believe for a cat s to be put back on the road, it needs to be checked and certified by DVSA.
Cat S vehicles are cheap as many are put off buying them, it’s not the end of the world but you need to make sure it’s certified and safe. You’ll obviously have to declare it when you sell it and you’ll have to lower the sale price, but if you’re looking to keep it and run it into the ground, it’s a very cheap way of getting a decent car.
Just bear in mind that cars are very fickle things now - make sure it’s been repaired by a reputable place as the likely hood is that if the job has been down cheaply or cutting corners, you may end up with faults all over the place.
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If it has been repaired correctly, then it will be absolutely fine. Lots of cars are repaired by insurance companies that are not categorised and they have probably been in worse accidents
ktm6665 h, 54 m ago

I believe for a cat s to be put back on the road, it needs to be checked …I believe for a cat s to be put back on the road, it needs to be checked and certified by DVSA.

Cat N and Cat S cars do NOT need to be checked by the DVSA
Also something for you to consider, insurance can be higher or declined entirely by some insurance companies for cat S cars. Best bet is get your quotes first and pay for a third party inspection. Clickmechanic charge about £70-£80 I believe although prices vary depending on location
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