Cat thyroid treatment cost

    Our poor pussy cat is suffering with an overactive thyroid gland so she eats twice as much as she used to, poos twice as much but still looks like a bag of bones!

    We have tried the pills but they don't seem to be making much difference and the dose is at its highest. I imagine the surgery option will prove expensive! Has anyone else been in this situation and what have they done to cure it? Are there any veterinary schools that may like a test case?

    Thanks in advance for your comments!


    Are you insured?


    What tablets was she on & the dose? There are different tablets some licenced some not? the next step is taking the para thyroid out or sending her to cambridge (i think) for radiotherapy type of treatment. If you have pet insurance this should be covered, if not costs depend on where you live London being more expensive than in the north. The surgical treatment should be a couple - few hundred pounds.

    Hope this helps???
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