Found 2nd Feb 2009
I need some cats toys for my almost 4year old cat.. any suggestions

no more than £10.. preferably from amazon

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My cat loves those things. I make shapes and stuff out of them for him.

My cat loves it when I leave a big paper bag or a box lying around!!

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You guys are crazy, I don't want my cat suffocating :P

If it helps, my cat is very masculine :O

little foam bouncy balls.......cats go crazy for them and they are under a £1

a ping pong ball and a paper bag - try primark - they do the right kind of paper bags for cats

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thanks for the ideas..
perhaps something with a scratching post...

We have a small traffic cone (ahem!) with carpet wrapped around it and a 49p mouse from Pets at Home (loads in the reduced bin) on its string dangling from it, hours of fun, plus as mentioned the wonderful Primark cat size paperbags and ping pong balls at different places around our house. The girl kitten also loves the charity bags that come through the door (still in the wrapper), travel tissue packs and fox's glacier mints - which she carries around the house and throws in the air. Mad. They also have another box draped in an old sheepskin rug by the radiator to sit on/hide in. It's a joy and no expense at all.

Get a ]laser pointer, the cat will go mad chasing the little red dot around the floor.

My 3 cats love cardboard boxes and bags and one also goes mad over a little cat torch. They also play wth balls that came from the poundshop. They also like a piece of material on a stick, the one we have was made by whiskas. My cats have never used an official scratching post, and we have bought several different styles, they find scratching the neighbours fence or the bird table the best!!

Ping pong balls, felt mice with catnip inside them, a newspaper or magazine that the cat thinks you are reading (gets shredded)

laser pen sounds like a good idea!!

ChipSticks;4261493 cat loves those things. I make shapes and stuff out of them for him.

Hi just a question I guess, Im sure you must be aware that pipe cleaners contain wire, you might want to be sure that your cat doesnt eat any of that it wouldnt do their tummys any favours as that stuff pierces.
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