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Found 23rd Mar 2007

I have a ragdoll cat, which is one of the bigger breeds. He is totally spoilt and its totally playful. Even a box can give him a lot of fun. However he currently needs a new scratching pad/post (prefferable a pad but it needs to be verticle like a post). Since he loves boxes and hiding I wanted to get him a tunnel/scrtah pad/toy. Not to big and not home made or 'scruffy' as it will be out for him to play with most of the time so it needs to look half decent in the room.

Since he is a larger breed he has trouble playing in most of the tunnels however as they are too small for him. (Dont recommend a diet, he is an ex show cat and in top physical condition his size really is due down to his breed) Can anyone recommend anywhere I can pick up a nice play toy to fit the specifications at a decent price? He's recently recovered from a lot of operations (very accident prone) and deserves to be pampered.

Hope someone can help me make him happy

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cool site, just found an activity centre he'd like thats named after him! unfortunatley the bed in it is too small


the search continues...
Not a scratching post, but thought you may be interested in this Orthopaedic Pet Bed I found in Argos.
We have a kitten and she loves it.
Although it shows a picture of a dog, we thought worth a punt for only £5.49 and glad we did. :thumbsup:
He currently has a normal bed however may look into this as with his dodgy legs when he gets older it may help him out.

(he's managed to be run over and damaged a leg from jumping wrong so even though they don't effect him at the moment, it could help ease him when hes a lil old man)
Zooplus are quite good.


BTW love raggie doll cats! Is he as floppy as they make out? We have a huge fluffy Turkish Van cat. Also very accident prone. Once managed to hang herself by her tail in my dad's green house. Totally teddy bear as long as you dont get on her wrong side.
Yes they really are that floppy, though due to their pain barrior some do think they are invincible like my devil. I'll upload a pic at some point. Used to own his part brother also who was absolutley gorgeous but disappeared without a trace 4 years ago.

Turkish Vans are lovely

I think if I was going to go for a different breed at the moment I'd have to go maine coon though, used to meet some huge ones at shows with paws that were a good 2+ inches across. (now that really would cause problems when i tried to buy accessories)
I kinda worried about getting a raggie doll cos of their lack of pain perception.


My kitty she is an angel :-D. Last week baby started in a hissy fit. I picked her up and could not work out why she was so angry. Then I noticed two white balls of fluff, one in either hand. Then ... I noticed a tiny little pin ***** of blood. Kitty had her revenge ... but in a very restrained manner!!

Love maine coons ... and norwegian forests.
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